Security Policy

Data is one of our customers' most valuable assets, so Symbility places special emphasis on protecting it. We strive to offer the most secure environment for dealing with electronic data possible, on par with the top Fortune 500 enterprises.


All interactions with Symbility Claims Connect are done through a secure channel protected by 128-bit SSL encryption, the highest level of encryption available for the Web (according to RSA Labs, it would take a trillion years to crack a 128-bit session key using today's technology). Data residing within the Symbility Mobile Claims application is also protected with 128-bit encryption should a mobile device fall into the wrong hands.

The facilities hosting Symbility Claims Connect web servers are Class A with redundant connections, anti-static flooring, fire suppression, climate control systems, enterprise-level firewall, backup battery and diesel generator for power (tested weekly). It is manned 24 hours per day, seven days per week by both technical staff and security personnel, who continuously monitor the network and the facility. Access to all doors is monitored, recorded and time stamped. Admittance to the facilities is through a highly secure mantrap, featuring security access cards, keypad access, and electronic surveillance. It takes three pass codes to get access to the server room.

Symbility Security Policy
  • No person has access to any claim or estimate data without a certified logon code and password.
  • Logon codes and passwords are only created and made available by licensed and authorized system administrators of Symbility or authorized system administrators of established customers.
  • No estimate specific data is available to any user other than the adjuster handling the claim and the creator of the estimate, unless the claim administrator chooses make the information available.
  • Users only have access to detailed claim and estimate data if he/she is authorized to view it.
  • All data is exchanged through a secure Internet channel and is encrypted with 128-bit encryption, the highest level of encryption available for the Internet.
  • All data stored on a user's mobile device is similarly encrypted so that the data can only be read by the Symbility Mobile Claims application and the Symbility Claims Connect site.
  • The Symbility Claims Connect site employs a digital certificate provided by Comodo, the world's leading provider of digital trust services, which allows any user to positively verify that are browsing the official Symbility Claims Connect domain.
  • Symbility does not resell or transmit any data to anyone without the user's expressed written permission.
  • Contractors are charged per estimate via a credit card. Credit card account information is immediately encrypted with virtually inpenetrable 2,048-bit encryption and no account information is stored on-line.
  • Symbility's computer hardware is housed in a Class A, secure data center with 24x7 on-site monitoring and strict restriction of access. The data center has fail safe technology, an enterprise-level firewall, multiple redundancy, and off-site backup to ensure the highest data integrity.